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Sidewalks For thousands of years, people have been using sidewalks (also called pavements, footways, footpaths, and walkways) to safely walk from one street corner to another. Then and now, these concrete structures have played a huge role in the lives of communities all throughout the world.

In fact, archaeological findings in Pompeii, Italy showed elevated sidewalks beside paved roads estimated to be around 2000 years old. Today, almost every city and even rural areas in Texas have walkways where pedestrians can tread and where al fresco dining restaurants set up shop. This only proves that footways or footpaths serve a lot of uses.

At LandTech Landscape, we create functional and attractive sidewalks that residential and commercial property owners need. Call our office today and we’ll discuss with you how we can create these interesting concrete features for your property.

Important Functions of Sidewalks

Aside from benefiting pedestrians, a sidewalk also offers great help for commercial establishments since it can serve as an extension of cafeterias, diners, restaurants, flower shops, and the like. A great-looking sidewalk can attract clients to drop by a particular store and avail of its services or buy the product being sold there. Sidewalks also serve as recreation areas for people on weekends. In fact, it’s not unusual to see neighbors huddled in a healthy conversation, or children playing together on a quiet city sidewalk.

Meanwhile, sidewalks could also beautify a residential property with the clever use of design and materials. In fact, they are great focal points to invest in since they are easily seen by people. A sidewalk is also one way of showing a homeowner’s design taste and of creating a favorable impression.

How We do Sidewalks

Far from the usual plain and uninteresting gray concrete sidewalk design that dots many streets, our company only creates visually appealing sidewalks that are oozing with curb appeal. Among the designs that we create include curved, elevated, concentric, and geometric. We could also include other features and elements such as plants, shrubs, mini gardens, and steps. The possibilities are endless.

Our workers create extraordinary sidewalks by first surveying your property to get a good idea of the available space. We then get your design requirements and work out a design plan incorporating them. Only when we have your approval do we begin building the sidewalk of your choice. We use only the finest materials from trusted suppliers to ensure stunning results, and we perform quality check before declaring a project as complete.

Premium Sidewalk Materials

Meanwhile, among the options that you can choose from for sidewalk materials include pebbles, concrete slabs, natural stones, stamped concrete, and pavers. While it’s hard to say which one is the best, we typically recommend pavers and natural stones such as granite and marble.

We prefer pavers because they are highly durable, attractive, skid-resistant, and easy to maintain. Meanwhile, we suggest natural stones to clients who want elegant and visually stunning sidewalk areas.

Have the Best Sidewalks Possible with Our Help

As it is, a sidewalk is more than just a surface where people could walk on. It is a decorative piece and a truly remarkable part of every Texan’s life. Let our company create the finest sidewalks for your property. Call LandTech Landscape today.

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