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If you are a Texas property owner, you surely know the value that fireplaces provide in a landscape. Our State is a place known for its great climate, the reason why most homeowners love to have a fireplace installed in their landscape. Here in Frisco, homeowners only trust LandTech Design when it comes to fireplace design and installation. If this outdoor feature gets you excited, then feel free to contact us now.


Best Locations for Outdoor Fireplaces

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best location for these types of fire features. Some of these factors are space availability, wind direction, privacy, and local building codes. Choosing the best location is also crucial to ensure safety. This is why it’s very important to look for qualified installers who can install high-quality fireplaces that will not only enhance the beauty of your landscape but will also ensure safety in the area.

Selections for Outdoor Fireplaces

The selections for outdoor fireplaces are only limited to two options — pre-built and custom-built. Below are some of the differences and advantages of these two types:

  • Pre-built is affordable; custom is expensive. The price is one of the most obvious differences between these two selections. This is because pre-built can be installed in a DIY manner while custom ones are built by skilled masons and installers.

  • Pre-built is easy to install; custom-made takes time. The advantage of using a pre-built fireplace is that it only takes a few hours for the installation process to be completed, making this choice really practical. Customized fireplaces, on the other hand, take a few days or even weeks to be installed. This generally depends on their complexity and size.

  • Pre-built is limited to the existing designs; custom-made provides personalization. If you want to display creativity in your landscape, then the customized one is the right choice for you. This will give you the freedom to realize the design and size you want. Simply tell us your desired specifications and it can be achieved. Whereas, pre-built will limit your choices to the available options.

Whether you want a pre-built or a custom-made fireplace, LandTech Design can install it with positive results. Our people have a high attention to detail and are very careful in performing their craft to ensure a safe, durable, and outstanding outdoor fire feature. We can install outdoor fireplaces on a deck, inside a patio, near the pool, or in areas where you want them to become focal points.

Why Choose Us for Your Outdoor Fireplace Installation?

If you want an outdoor fireplace with unique designs that reflect your personality and lifestyle, talk to us. We will come up with designs that suit your design requirements and satisfy your comfort needs.

LandTech Design is the leader in Frisco, Texas in installing outdoor fireplaces. We ensure that we provide excellent projects to our clients by combining our expertise and creative skills with top-quality materials from trusted suppliers like Belgard and Harmony Outdoor Living. Their materials are high-grade and world-class, which is why we choose them as our partners.

You can also count on us to create a wood- or gas-fired fireplace on your property. We can design it using bricks, concrete blocks, and stones. Simply let us know the kind of outdoor fireplace you need and we will build it for you with superior craftsmanship.

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