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Patios Landtech will design and build your patio covers, arbors, garden arbors, trellises, garden bridges, patios and any other yard accessory you are looking for. Patios provide a place for your family to relax outdoors while enjoying the beautiful scenery your landscape provides. Experience is crucial in planning the layout and design of your patio and integrating it into your landscape scheme. Please contact us for further information. Call 972-712-5293 today.

At LandTech Landscape, we’re committed to making every property stand out and be noticed. This is exactly why we’ve been creating unique outdoor living amenities like patios for decades already. Our outdoor living structures are exceptional pieces of craftsmanship that property owners will surely be proud to call their own.

If you want one built for your residential or commercial property, just call us today. We will be absolutely happy to create a stunning patio that will become a focal point of your property.

Benefits of Adding Patios to Properties

Patios have long been part of many properties, such as in Rome and other European countries. In the U.S., these outdoor amenities have also become a fixture in many homes and business areas.

Patios generally serve as an area of relaxation where family members or clients of a business establishment can chat or just sit back and spend time. Aside from this, they also serve aesthetic purposes, since they are typically created using interesting designs and patterns. In fact, a carefully designed and built patio can increase any property’s beauty tremendously. Overall, having a patio is a truly great investment on the part of the property owner.

Patio Designs that We Offer

Our patios are known for their highly attractive designs, excellent build, and premium materials. We believe that a truly exceptional patio should have all these features; otherwise, it would be a waste of time and money.

Accordingly, we offer some interesting patio designs that our clients can choose from, including:

  • Old World. For nostalgic property owners, nothing beats the charm of Old World patios. With cobblestone floors and brick wall cladding, you will surely be mesmerized by the subdued beauty of an Old World-inspired patio.

  • Modern. With clean lines and bright colors, a modern patio is bound to amaze and inspire. We can include a modern fireplace that you can turn on or off with just a flick of a button or have some avant-garde furniture to complete the look.

  • Zen. For a truly relaxing experience, why not try a Zen-inspired patio? With authentic Japanese bamboo, a koi pond, and a tea set, you will surely have a relaxed mind and body whenever you spend time in your Zen patio.

  • Contemporary. Sitting between Old World and modern is the contemporary style patio. Here, we can use pavers as the dominant material as they are highly preferred by many landscape developers for their beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance. You can choose from roofed or open type or simply go the safe way and have a fully retractable roof for a truly all-weather design. The retractable roof design is actually what we recommend for Texas properties as they provide protection against the elements.

Durable and Functional Patios

If you want to make your property stand out effortlessly, having a patio is one of the easiest ways. And we can help you with that.

Our team of designers and craftsmen knows how to create extraordinary patios that last for decades while providing functional benefits to property owners in Frisco and nearby Texas areas. Contact us today or drop by our office during convenient hours to learn more about our patio creation services.

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