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What can bring you closer to nature than having a pond installed right outside your home? With ponds in your landscape, you won’t have to go to remote areas just to have your much-needed rest and relaxation. All you have to do is sit beside their tranquil waters and you’ll surely have a quick fix for your tired and weary mind and body.

The Benefits of Ponds

Aside from soothing the senses, ponds provide other benefits, such as:

  • Add functionality. Ponds do not only add life to a property. They actually support life. When properly installed and maintained, these water features can be the home for aquatic plants, fishes and a temporary haven for cute creatures like squirrels and raccoons. They are the perfect avenues for teaching your children about the cycle and value of life.

  • Enhance beauty. What can be more pleasing to the eye than the sight of the pond’s tranquil waters? These water features provide a soft, fluid contrast to the plants and hardscapes that surround them.

  • Promote health and well-being. Ponds can support edible fishes that are rich in nutrients that your body needs. Medical experts also agree that water features have psychological and physical benefits.

Factors to Consider in Pond Installation

Pond installation is not as easy as digging a huge hole and filling it up with water. It requires intensive skill and knowledge in design and installation. Installers should also know how to efficiently use the different tools and equipment needed to create beautiful and functional ponds that will be beneficial to property owners.

The first factor to consider is finding the perfect area for the ponds. An area must have compact soil to prevent future seepage, which may lead to muddy, unhealthy water in the future. Unlike a natural pond that depends on rainfall and other water sources, man-made ones can be installed with pipes and filters. However, these pond accessories must be chosen well as the wrong sizes may burst or break easily. When that happens, you’ll have a pond that is not only filthy but foul-smelling, too.

Types of Ponds

There are so many pond varieties that you can choose from. Specifically, LandTech Landscape can build you:

  • Meditation ponds. These are miniature ponds that you can have virtually anywhere you please. As the name implies, they are primarily for meditative purposes.

  • Garden ponds. These are mini-ecosystems that allow aquatic plants, fish and other creatures to thrive. These are perfect areas for teaching symbiotic relationships to your children.

  • Koi ponds. Koi fish may not be edible, but their lovely colors create a wonderful contrast to your beautiful plants and flowers.

  • Fish ponds With a fishpond right on your property, you’ll have a fresh source of fish that are rich in Omega 3 and other nutrients. They’re good for dieters, too.

  • Rock ponds. They add to the natural look of your landscape. The sound of splashing water as they hit the rocks has been proven to be beneficial to a person’s health and well-being.

Bringing You Closer to Nature

Our highly experienced workers use only the best materials and modern tools and equipment when creating ponds to give you and your loved ones unlimited joy and benefits. We don’t just build ponds. We’ll take you a step closer to nature. Call us now.

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