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Landscape Contractor in Little Elm, TX

Landscape Contractor, Little Elm, TX Call LandTech Design today if you need a well-designed and wonderfully constructed property in or around Little Elm, TX. We are recognized throughout the state for our exceptional outdoor living design, landscape design, and installation services. In addition to these, we provide a range of supporting solutions so you can access all the services you need under a single roof.

Insurance Claims

Stormy weather can cause substantial damage to your residence or business. Despite the need to recover the property, you must first call your insurance provider to determine if you have coverage. This procedure may be quite perplexing, and crossing these waters is not simple. This is when our team enters the picture. We provide business and residential clients in the region with dependable, quick, and cost-effective storm repair services.

As part of these solutions, we also assist with the insurance claims procedure, and our professionals will be by your side throughout. Even if most insurance firms are committed to service clients' claims appropriately, it is essential to learn the proper procedures and inquiries.

If you feel that your property has experienced hail or wind damage because of inclement weather in the area, please notify both your insurance provider and us. We have years of experience in this area and are familiar with the insurance claims procedure. Our team has extensive knowledge of the insurance process and is always happy to assist you with the claims process.

Landscape Lighting

Your environment is so stunning during the daytime, so why would you conceal it with a veil of night? We can transform your property and its immediate surroundings into a spectacular space after dark. In landscape lighting, knowing which forms of illumination to employ is vital. Here are a few of the most prevalent:

  • Safety Lighting - These lights can illuminate vast areas and comprise floodlights and low-density vapor lighting. These are placed around entrances and gates to deter burglars and other crooks.

  • Spotlights - People prefer spotlights because of their diversity of application. They serve as downlights, backlights, and security lights and are ideal for swimming pools, pool enclosures, retaining walls, etc.

  • Accent lighting - These lights enhance the elegance and drama of the items you desire to emphasize. Back and cross lights are also included in this group. They provide a sense of space and dimension and lend a mystical quality to focus points such as stones, ponds, and waterfalls.

We can also install downlights, path lights, and other lighting based on your specifications and landscape ideas.


Having an inconsistent water supply is among the worst things that can happen to your landscape. Too much water can saturate the soil, while too little could wilt the vegetation. Proper watering is vital to preserving your environment's health and attractiveness. We will develop and implement an effective system depending on your property's requirements.

Our mission is to deliver affordable and dependable irrigation systems for business and residential landscapes in the region. Contact us immediately for further information. Numerous elements influence the design of the most suitable irrigation system for every property we manage.

Our team of specialists examines the kind of soil environment to estimate watering frequency. Every site has its unique microclimate and understanding it is crucial in ensuring we provide the most suitable irrigation systems for your property.

For more details about our insurance claims, landscape lighting and irrigation installations in Little Elm, TX, feel free to contact us at Landtech Design. We offer these and a variety of landscaping solutions. Just call at 972 712 5296. Our team looks forward to helping you with your next commercial or residential project.

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