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Covered Patios

Patios are outdoor structures built mostly for dining or recreational purposes. They can be open and made from a variety of materials ranging from wood to natural stones. Aside from the open type, there are also covered patios. These wonderful amenities provide shelter from the harsh rays of the sun without blocking the air so you can have a nice spot to take a catnap, bond with your family, or chat with your friends.

Covered Patios

Why Choose Covered Patios?

With the Lone Star State’s proximity to the Chihuahuan Desert, its moist and humid climate makes outdoor living a necessity. Staying indoors can be quite stifling unless you let the air conditioners run 24/7, resulting to high electricity bills. This is the reason why more and more Texas homeowners prefer covered patios. These outdoor living features provide them with more shelter and protection from the state’s hot climate.

We at LandTech Design can give you any type of covered patio. Here are the ones that we offer:

  • Wooden-covered patios. Wood has a unique quality that makes it look elegant and timeless. It can be designed in any size and shape, painted, varnished, or stained to enhance its beauty. However, only weather- and termite-resistant wood like cedar, redwood, and maple must be used considering the cover’s frequent exposure to nature’s elements and pests. We can design it to complement your home’s existing theme or decorate it with lovely vines or flowers depending on your needs and desires.

  • Metal-covered patios. These covers are made from any of these materials: steel, wrought iron or aluminum. These covered patios come in a wide variety of designs that you can choose from. We can shape it to look like a trellis, gazebo, or any design that you wish. We understand that iron and steel are susceptible to rusting so we apply a special protective covering to further ensure their durability.

  • Vinyl-covered patios. These covers are more affordable and long-lasting. Since they are made from vinyl, these covered patios are resistant to weather, fading, termites, and other pests.

  • Wide range of accessories. We have different kinds of essentials and accessories to increase the livability of your patios. We can add downspouts and gutters to keep the water away from your home. Want to view the moon and the stars without leaving your patio at night? You can opt for glass roof panels instead. Don’t worry; we have panel shades that you can easily use to block sunlight. We also have ceiling and wall fans to provide you with more ventilation during summertime.

Designed for Your Outdoor Comfort

We take pride in creating beautiful and functional covered patios that can make your outdoor living more enjoyable and comfortable. We can construct a new patio from the ground up, build a cover for an existing open patio, and even install your store-bought patio cover — whichever works for you.

We can customize it to complement the existing colors of your home and landscape or design it as you wish. Our skilled and highly experienced team of experts will listen to you, create a design, and implement it upon your approval.

Rest assured that we only use high-quality materials to ensure your covered patio’s strength and durability. Additionally, our modern tools and equipment enable us to work with speed and precision, thus completing your project in a timely manner.

Beat the heat with our covered patios. Call us now.

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