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Driveways LandTech Landscape is considered as the premier company when it comes to designing and building driveways in Frisco, Texas. Our wide range of paver colors and patterns, as well as unique concepts and themes, allow our clients to express their personal styles and preferences in every driveway that we build. Our high-quality pavers not only look elegant but are also built to withstand heavy wear and tear from vehicles and harsh weather conditions.

Great Designs for Driveways

At LandTech Landscape, we can design and redesign your driveways to enhance the look of your property, while creating a sturdy base for your car to drive through. The design plays a vital role in creating a seamless appeal that enhances your existing landscape, when properly prepared and installed. A driveway designed to near perfection also gives your house a higher value when sold.

Recommended Materials for Your Driveways

Texas has a touch of a modern world filled with asphalt driveways, so stone or concrete pavers can seem to create a different feel and appeal for homeowners. Stone has been used for various applications, such as walkways and patios, for centuries, while concrete pavers are in the construction menu for ages.

For an inexpensive driveway option, a nicely designed and built stone driveway can actually make an old house appear grander.

Stones Pavers Used For Driveways

Choosing the right materials can really make a difference in the driveway design. Although it’s common to use gravel, crushed rock, cobble, or poured concrete, LandTech Landscape still prefers the use of stone pavers. The most common stone pavers used for driveways are granite, basalt, and porphyry stones. The advantages of each material are listed below:

  • Granite. This is a popular material for driveways. It is a sturdy stone and can be turned into an exquisite and polished surface. It comes in different hues, which makes it an elegant material for driveways. However, granite is more expensive than any paving material.

  • Flagstone. This is a natural stone that is cut to form a thin flat slab. Since a flagstone is a natural stone, it provides many advantages that include durability, acid resistance, low maintenance, safety, and lack of heat absorption.

  • Basalt. This type of paver provides a beautiful and unique look to any area where it is used. Each paver is dimensionally cut and has a textured surface. Basalt is a very hard stone suitable for driveways.

  • Porphyry. This stone was popular in Roman Architecture. It is a variety of granite with a naturally flat, durable surfaces suitable for use as driveway pavers.

Concrete Pavers for Driveways

Concrete pavers are also some of the best choices for designing and building driveways. If your goals are flexibility in the design and easy, seamless replacement if repair is needed, you can opt for these materials. They are a practical choice because they are affordable, available in various designs, and highly durable.

Work with the Experts in Driveway Construction

If you are looking for a contractor with an expert team in designing your driveway, consider LandTech Landscape on your list. We also have partners who can provide different colors, designs, and textures of concrete and stone pavers that will best suit your personal taste.

We always ensure quality work as evidenced by our completed driveway projects in Frisco and other major cities in Texas. Call us now.

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