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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting, Frisco, TX Your landscape is so beautiful in broad daylight, so why should you hide it in the cloak of darkness? Wouldn’t you love to watch the spectacular nighttime view of your landscape from your bedroom window or enjoy an evening stroll with your loved ones as you admire your wonderful plants and flowers?

These precious moments can be yours if you allow LandTech Landscape to install your landscape lighting. We can transform your property from a beautiful paradise by day into dramatic wonderland by night.

Aside from beauty, we install these lights to guarantee:

  • Safety. Of course, the primary reason for installing landscape lighting is to provide you with sufficient illumination so that you won’t have to grope in the dark for that eternally missing key or for the next step in a walkway.

  • Security. Thieves and criminals love darkness. Discourage them from entering your home by installing the right type of light in the areas where they are needed most.

  • Functionality. With a lighted landscape, you can extend your day celebration all through the night even up to the next day.

  • Economy. We can also install green lighting technology like LED lights or low-voltage lighting to cut down on your electric bills.

Using Premium and Correct Type of Landscape Lighting

Installing the wrong type of lighting is both futile and expensive. Why should you put so many down lights near the main gate when a single security light will do?

Knowing which types of illumination to use is crucial in landscape lighting. Here are some of the most common:

  • Security lights. These lights include floodlights and low-density vapor lights, which can illuminate large areas. These are used near gates and main entryways to discourage thieves and other criminals.

  • Spotlights. Spotlights are preferred by more people due to their flexibility of use. They can function as down lights, back lights, and even security lights. These are best for pools, pool surrounds, retaining walls, etc.

  • Accent lights. These lights bring out the beauty and drama of the objects that you wish to highlight. Back lights and cross lights also fall under this category. They give the illusion of depth and dimension and add a mysterious effect to focal pieces, like boulders, ponds, and waterfalls.

  • Down lights. Down lights give illumination to everything under their range. These give a soft, warm glow to areas surrounding houses, pathways, and patios.

  • Path Lights. These are the most popular as they can be seen virtually everywhere - parks, commercial areas. In a landscape, these shed light to stairways, walkways, and pathways. They come in a wide range of shapes and designs.

Let the Pros Bring Light to Your Landscape

We don’t leave anything to chance because landscape lighting is actually a very dangerous task. It is one job that is best left to highly skilled and well-experienced technicians and electricians since it involves the use of high-voltage wires and cables. Our workers are provided with the highest quality of safety gear and insulated tools and equipment to ensure that no accident will ever take place.

Rest assured that we don't just install landscape lighting for our clients in Frisco and nearby areas in Texas. We make sure that the correct types of lights are installed in strategic places to further enhance your landscape’s aesthetics.

Call us now and start reaping the benefits of strategically and creatively installed landscape lighting.

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