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Landscape Design & Install

Frisco property owners and those from nearby Texas areas who need a well-designed and exquisitely built property should call LandTech Landscape today. We are known in the state for our extraordinary landscape design and installation work.

Landscape Design & Install

Sensible Landscape Design by Us

A truly remarkable property relies greatly on how well it was planned. Accordingly, landscape design is one way of achieving a truly livable property with all possible means of achieving comfort and safety.

Fortunately, our designers are well-versed with the essentials of urban planning and landscape design through years of relevant experience and industry training. When you hire us to work on your landscape, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Dramatically reduce power bills. It’s no secret that trees are nature’s air conditioners; which is why areas with lots of trees are typically several degrees cooler than treeless neighborhoods. Additionally, carefully positioned trees and other greenery can cut down household power costs by as much as 25 percent. Our landscape designers know this perfectly. It is the reason why they heavily incorporate trees in the design plan.

  • Increase property’s market value. Real estate brokers are one in saying that properties that are well-designed and landscaped tend to command a higher selling price than those that are not. Aside from increased resale value, landscaping also speeds up home sales, which is a good thing if you are in a hurry to sell your property.

  • More comfortable, safer environment. Trees are known to absorb water runoff, which is why they are advised to be included in many landscape design projects in flood-prone areas. Trees also prevent soil erosion, and are likewise known to absorb noise. This means that sensible landscape designs that incorporate trees can make a property safer and the quality of living much more comfortable.

  • Stunning appeal. Great landscape designers know how to make a plain-looking property stand out by proper use of design elements. Our designers are trained to effectively combine hardscapes, softscapes, water and fire features, and the like to achieve a well-balanced and visually appealing property.

Landscape Install

Hand in hand with our landscape design services is our landscape installation offer. Our company has in-house landscape installers who have worked on hundreds of similar projects for commercial and residential properties all across Frisco and beyond.

Our landscape install team is composed of stone masons and builders who have decades of combined experience installing hardscapes such as outdoor kitchens, patios, pool decks, fireplaces, driveways, and the like. They are all trained and certified workers who can turn any design into reality.

Using appropriate tools and equipment and premium materials from partner suppliers, our landscape installers can complete every project on time, if not well ahead of schedule. And with their passion for excellence, you’re assured of a captivating landscape that merits every onlooker’s overwhelming approval.

Hire a Reliable Landscaping Company in Frisco

When it comes to landscape improvement, no company does it better than LandTech Landscape. We offer the best value-for-money landscaping services that you find in Frisco and elsewhere in Texas. So, if you want a truly stand-out property, we are the people whom you can put your full trust on.

Call us today for your landscape design & install needs.

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