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Outdoor Kitchen

Do you like to cook outdoors? Why not add an outdoor kitchen to your backyard. Landtech is dedicated to making sure only the finest outdoor kitchens are built. Our hand-crafted grills are perfect for the backyard barbecue aficionado striving toward excellence. They are designed to last a long time.

Outdoor Kitchen Consider installing an outdoor kitchen if:

  • You grill often (or in large amounts) and are looking for ways to streamline the process.

  • You frequently have guests to a cookout, and everyone ends up huddled around you on the patio, socializing while they watch you cook. You have a little-used deck or patio that you would like to incorporate into daily life.

  • You would like to move past burgers and steaks and cook more elaborate dishes using the grill.

  • Cooking in the summertime heats up your house so much that the air conditioning cannot keep up.

If you love barbecues and would like to take your grilling experience to a whole new level, then it’s time to have an outdoor kitchen built in your very own backyard. We at LandTech Landscape not only design and build outdoor features to help your garden look good and relaxing, but we also enhance the functionality and entertainment factor of these outdoor living spaces. Whether you are an amateur cook or a seasoned gourmet chef, we have the right kitchen plan for you.

Why You Should Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

Texas is well-known for its smoky barbecues and grilled dishes. The state is also known to have a warm, almost humid climate. Putting both elements together is enough reason for you to have an outdoor kitchen.

Imagine enjoying the subtle warmth of the early morning sun and the cool and fresh outdoor air while preparing exquisite meals for your family especially during the summer. Having a kitchen outside makes serving guests in the patio easy and convenient. Instead of running back and forth from your indoor kitchen to cook and serve, you can simply cook on your outdoor kitchen’s grill and serve the food immediately.

Additional Features for an Enhanced Cooking Experience

To make the most of your outdoor kitchen experience, there are certain appliances, gadgets, and accessories that you might want to add. It is important, however, to choose only those that you believe you would really use. Here are some suggested additions:

  • Grills – A must-have in any kitchen built outdoors. We can install stainless steel grills with your choice of fire source (propane or natural gas). You can opt to have your grill incorporated into the countertop or as a freestanding type instead.

  • Sinks – These will make it easy for you to wash your hands, your utensils, and some ingredients without having to go inside the house.

  • Countertops – Without these, you would not have a place to prepare your ingredients or your cooked dishes.

  • Refrigerators or Chillers – A great way to keep fresh food and drinks cool while you and your family or friends stay outside to chat is to add a refrigerator or a chiller.

  • Lighting – The great thing about having lights in your outdoor kitchen is that they allow you to cook and entertain your family or guests even when darkness has set in.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs to Match Your Lifestyle

When it comes to choosing a design for outdoor kitchens, we always consider our client’s lifestyles. If you love to entertain large groups of friends or if you often hold parties and events in your home, a bigger kitchen with various amenities would suit you perfectly. If you are traditional, we can build a kitchen with wood and natural stones. If you prefer something more contemporary, we can incorporate steel and tile elements for an absolute modern look.

Why You Can Count On Us

LandTech Landscape has been serving Texas homes for years now. We are proud of our expert builders and creative designers who have always provided quality results with the outdoor kitchen projects that they handled. If you want to know more about what we can do for you, give us a call. If you want to see proof of our excellent service, come visit us at Frisco. We have what you need, so don’t look further.

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