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Arbors Arbors are a beautiful and functional addition to your outdoor living area. They can create the illusion of an outdoor “room” while providing shade from the summer heat and a framework where climbing plants will thrive. Not only does an arbor add a focal point for your backyard, but it brings the indoors outside by providing denser shade without sacrificing air circulation. Some plants require a strong support system that won’t buckle under twisting vines, such as wisteria, grapes, and jasmine. These hefty plants will eventually grow to a thick canopy of fragrant flowers and fluttery leaves. Smaller arbors could cover a porchless entryway, short staircase, or birdbath, to ease the transition between different parts of your estate.

A landscape looks great when it is built with beautiful structures. One of the most ideal additions to any landscape in Texas is an arbor. Arbors are simple structures that feature open sides and roofs and serve decorative and practical purposes.

Landtech Landscape believes in landscape elements that not only look great but work great as well. We build these outdoor wooden structures to increase the visual appeal of the landscape while making them functional in the process. The great thing about these structures is that they can be used in various ways.

The Many Uses of Arbors

The great thing about arbors is that they are more than just focal points in any garden. Here are some good reasons why they are highly recommended features in a landscape:

  • An arbor can be built as an entryway to another part of the landscape, sort of like a creative gateway to another world.

  • It can be an accent to break the monotony of a walkway. People would love to pass through it for a quick rest from walking and from the heat of the sun.

  • With growing vines on its roof and sides, it can also be a partial shade to a swing or bench.

  • It can be a great cover-up for certain areas in a garden that you want to hide from plain view.

  • An arbor can provide you with privacy without eliminating proper air circulation.

Pre-built and Custom-made Arbors

We want to satisfy our customers all the time, so if you think that you need an instant makeover to your boring landscape, we have pre-built arbors that we can quickly install for you. You can choose from wood, metal, and plastic types, whichever would work best with your outdoors.

However, if you want something more personalized and creatively unique, our team of builders could make you one that boasts of utmost craftsmanship in every angle. While any type of wood can be used for arbors, we recommend cedar and treated pine as they work best with the Texas climate.

Ideal Vines to Grow on Arbors

There are many types of vines that you could grow on arbors. These add appeal and fragrance to the outdoors while providing the shade that you need. For vines that grow well in our state, you can choose from a grapevine, jasmine, wisteria, honeysuckle, coral vine, passion vine, morning glory, trumpet vine, and a lot more. We would love to discuss their properties to help you choose the right vine for your arbor.

Stunning Outdoor Structures by Us

LandTech Landscape believes in value and craftsmanship. We only design and build arbors that are aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. If you have a design in mind, we are more than willing to discuss it with you. On the other hand, if you want us to make the design for you, our creative team could suggest some based on your preferences and your existing landscape.

With the right design, you can optimize the various benefits that come with a stunning arbor. Call us or visit our main headquarters in Frisco today to speak to our friendly staff. If you want to achieve the landscape and garden of your dreams, let us help you go beyond what your mind could imagine.

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