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Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims, Dallas, TX Stormy weather can do significant damage to your residential or commercial structure. Although restoring the property is crucial, you must first contact your insurance provider if you have insurance cover. This process can be a little confusing, and navigating these waters isn't easy.

This is where our team steps in. We offer reliable, timely, and cost-effective storm restoration services to commercial and residential clients in and around Dallas-Fort Worth. As part of these services, we also help handle the insurance claims process, and our experts will be with you every step of the way.

Assistance With Filing Insurance Claims

We will help you file your insurance claim and meet with the insurance agent assigned to your claim to ensure that they handle everything properly. Insurance claims filing can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, particularly if specific rules are not followed.

While most insurance companies are motivated to serve their customers' claims correctly, it is critical to understand the right processes and the precise questions. We have proven expertise in the insurance process, and our team is always willing to help you with the claim’s procedure.

Insurance Claims Process

If you suspect your property has suffered hail or wind damage from stormy weather in the region, call your insurance agent and contact us too. We have been in this industry for several years and know the ins and outs of the insurance claims process. This is what is involved:

  • Filing The Claim - The claims manager assigns a case number and an adjuster to the claim. Take note of the number since it will be critical throughout the procedure. It may take several days to acquire your adjuster's name and contact information. We will work closely with the insurance company to discuss the extent of the work to get a reasonable insurance settlement for the required restoration/repair work.

  • Damage Assessment - Notify your adjuster that you'll be present at the appointment with us as the contractor handling the roof or other restoration work. We must attend and act as your spokesperson at the inspection meeting. As much as they value your business, insurance companies strive to minimize their expenses. Most adjusters will ask for the name of the contractor they will meet with since they understand the critical nature of having an expert on their side. We perform an excellent job, and you can rest assured that we will represent you expertly at the first inspection.

  • Settlement - After determining the degree of the damage, the insurance adjuster will produce a claim summary outlining the scope of restoration or replacement. When you get the adjuster's claim summary, we will review it against our own to ensure they have not omitted anything from the project's scope.

For more information on how Landtech Design can help you with your insurance claim after storm damage to your property, call us at 972-712-5293. You can also send us your queries and requests via this Online Form, and one of our team members will contact you shortly to discuss the details.

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