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Pondless Waterfalls

If you’re aiming to improve your property’s beauty and functionality, one of the easiest and best ways to achieve it is to have outdoor amenities like water features. Here at LandTech Landscape, we create exceptional outdoor additions such as pondless waterfalls to make your property more interesting. Wherever you may be in Texas, be it in Frisco, Houston or other areas, we can surely reach you and create your desired outdoor amenity. Call us and we’ll discuss with you how we create stunning water features for our clients.

Why Go for Pondless Waterfalls?

While there are other available water features that you may opt to have for your commercial space or residential property, we strongly urge you to go for pondless waterfalls for some great reasons, such as:

Pondless Waterfalls
  • Safe for kids and the elderly. If you have little kids or elderly people with you, then a pondless waterfall will be just perfect. Unlike the traditional man-made waterfalls with ponds, the pondless type doesn’t pose any risk of accidental drowning. You can therefore have peace of mind even if you have kids who play near your waterfalls or if elderly guests are spending time beside them.

  • No breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes. Unlike other types that are mosquito-magnets, pondless waterfalls do not attract mosquitoes and other insects. Since the pondless type lacks a basin or repository of water and because the water flowing through it is recycled continuously, mosquitoes won’t have anywhere to breed.

  • Space-saving. One of the primary reasons why these waterfalls are such a hit is that they do not eat up too much space. In fact, you only need roughly 1-2 square feet of space for a typical pondless waterfall, perfect for properties with limited space.

  • Affordable. Of course, one of the main concerns when choosing which water features to have is the cost of acquiring one. The beauty of a pondless waterfall is that it can be built on a limited budget, which makes it very practical for property owners who want to save some bucks.

What Makes Us Perfect Providers for Pondless Waterfall Creation?

We know that there are probably dozens of landscaping companies in Texas that also offer water feature design and build services, but we’re confident that we have some great advantages over them, including:

  • Great designs. Our designs are second to none, thanks to our in-house designers who have the required industry certification, training, and decades of combined hands-on expertise. Accordingly, we can personalize your pondless waterfalls to fully reflect your design tastes. You even get to choose which material we should use for the waterfalls!

  • Expert installation. Arguably the most important factor in installing pondless type is the correct and efficient installation of pumps. As it is, there are pondless waterfall kits available so installation of these must be done by experts. Incorrect installation could lead to early damage to the pumps or inefficient functioning, something that you surely would find disappointing. With our expert waterfalls installers, such won’t be a problem.

  • Flexibility. We don’t just design and install typical pondless waterfalls. We can make tiered waterfalls or include streams to make them truly interesting and eye-catching. Just let us know how you want your waterfalls to look like and we’ll take of it from there.

Call us today and let us build you stunning pondless waterfalls that will last a lifetime!

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