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Roofing Nobody wants to live in a house where the roofs leak in various spots whenever it rains. Not only is it greatly inconvenient, but it could also cause irreparable damage to your electronic gadgets and weaken the home’s foundation. Surely, you’re not an exception to people who hate such an idea.

This is why we offer roofing installation and repair to homeowners and commercial property owners with the said problem. We can immediately fix minor to major roof damages with guaranteed positive results. All you have to do is dial our number to talk to one of our staff about your roofing issue and we’ll be at your place in no time.

Our Roofing Repair: Work by Professionals

As mentioned, we accept every imaginable roofing repair project involving homes and business establishments. We have a team of experienced workers who can pinpoint areas where repair must be done. Our people are trained to efficiently fix leaks and replace roof parts that are beyond repair. When we’re done with your roof, you’re guaranteed to never experience a leaky roof anymore for your total convenience.

Roofing Install: Best Roofing for Texas Properties

Together with fixing roof problems, we also offer roofing installation services to Texas property owners. Accordingly, we usually recommend the following roof types:

  • Clay tiles. Clay roofing is a highly ideal choice since clay can last for a century when installed by professionals like us. Additionally, clay tiles are very elegant and attractive, hence adding aesthetic appeal to properties. Clay is also energy efficient as it is heat absorbent; hence resulting in lower power bills. Meanwhile, whenever we install clay tiles, we always place premium flashings and underlayment to ensure the longevity of the clay roof. This is because the said elements ensure a great quality build and guarantee a maintenance-free roof.

  • Slate. Slate is a highly preferred material in Texas because of its aesthetic appeal and durability. It is also very versatile as it comes in various shapes, colors, and sizes. This is why slate is the material of choice when it comes to installation projects that require a great deal of personalization.

  • Sheet metal. Meanwhile, sheet metal is preferred by a lot of designers and architects because of its low maintenance and energy-efficient features. There are also several options to choose from, such as zinc, galvanized, and copper. These choices also provide for optimum personalization and versatility.

When you hire us, you can expect highly professional installation work as what we have been known for. Our quality of roofing installation is also second to none, and we even back our work with a limited 1-year warranty to give our clients peace of mind. So if our installation job failed to satisfy you in one way or another, just let us know and we’ll be happy to render you a back job free of charge.

Additionally, we can work even on large projects that require more than the usual manpower and logistics. With decades of experience in the industry, we have prepared ourselves with every imaginable roofing job and we have contingency plans for each scenario. If you’re looking for a truly dependable service, we’re the company to go to.

For more information visit our roofing division landtechroofing.com

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