Outdoor Living
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Outdoor Living

There are so many advantages to the addition of a n outdoor living area. You will in effect be changing the way you use your outdoor spaces forever and for the better! If you add an outdoor kitchen, fireplace or fire pit; you will be able to spend more time outdoors in the cooler months of the year and do some great cooking as well! A patio is always a good idea for those that like to sit outside under some shade and enjoy their outdoors. Read more about Outdoor Living»


In this article we will be talking about ‘Pavers’. Nowadays, property owners are using pavers a lot more. Some of the popular applications for pavers are patios, driveways, walkways, sidewalks and pool surrounds. The premium qualities of pavers cannot be matched. They are durable and form a strong surface and they are also available in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes and textures; making the design possibilities endless! Read more about Pavers »

Water Features

Are you seriously thinking about installing a water feature on your property? Then this is the artricle for you! The addition of any type of water feature whether it is a pond, fountains or waterfall; will not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your landscape setting but it will also add so much tranquility and ambiance. The sight and sounds of water just has that effect! Read more about Water Features »


When it comes to installing a new roof, there are many choices in materials nowadays. You may choose more traditional tiles or shingles or perhaps you may be thinking of an aluminum roof? Be sure that you select a roofing contractor that is very reputable and highly experienced like us here at LandTech Design! Read more about Roofing »

Landscape Maintenance

At LandTech Design we pride ourselves in providing our residential and commercial clients with a full range of landscape maintenance services. We aim to keep your grounds, lawns and gardens looking their best all year round. Contact us today if this is something you may be interested in and spend your free time doing the things you really love doing instead of maintaining your property! Read more about Landscape Maintenance »


Here at LandTech Design we offer premium mowing service to our clients throughout greater Frisco, TX. This may be for your residential or commercial property. No matter how large or small your lawns are we will be glad to ensure that they are mowed and well kept throughout all the seasons. Contact our friendly team today and we will come out and assess the needs of your lawns. Read more about Mowing »

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